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My practice evaluates and processes my relationship to my surrounding environment and how my identity can be perceived and framed by this predicament. I work with found materials and reassemble them to reflect an experience where private and public domains intersect. The appropriation, deployment, and dislocation of the object are the points of departure that search for new modes of signification.

My practice reflects a relationship to domestic space and how that space and its objects can become a surrogate of the self. Most of the objects I interpret are readymade and encountered in my daily routine, brought to the studio and reassessed through a process of interventions that include casting, drawing, sewing, welding, scanning, to reconfigure the object, for example pressing the object into clay to leave the traces for ceramic reproductions. This process takes the object to another stage to reveal other qualities, become something else but still retaining the significance of its initial propose.

I view my body and subjectivity as a material that undergoes a similar process. Since 2006 I have opened up my home to develop projects under the name BalinHouseProjects that discuss the intersection of the private domain and the public space. BHP became a platform that allowed me to extend my practice into curatorial collaborations to discuss the complexity of this continuous process of becoming, and a reflection of that process that I’ve been exploring as an artist.

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