BHP longlisted for Visible award by Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto and Fondazione Zegna in partnership – 2019

Visible is a contemporary art research project devoted to producing and sustaining socially engaged art practices in a global context. Operating since 2010, it has taken a global and interdisciplinary approach to researching the physical and theoretical spaces in which these practices affect society. In 2011, Visible initiated the biennial Visible Award, the first European award for socially engaged artistic practices.
As a nomadic institution, Visible has worked with a variety of formats, collaborations, and institutions, including Tate, Liverpool; Creative Time, New York; Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven; Kunsthaus, Graz; Kadist Art Foundation, San Francisco; Center for Historical Reenactments, Johannesburg; The Serpentine Galleries, London: and the Fondation Lafayette, Paris. Visible is part of the Extended Network of Public Art Producers (ENPAP). The Visible project is directed by Matteo Lucchetti and Judith Wielander, and initiated by Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto in collaboration with Fondazione Zegna.
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Projects Archive:

The Other Space TOS has commissioned architect Takeshi Hayatsu to build the new space.

The Other Space is an empty plot located in Loughborough Junction, south London SE5.

The Other Space occupies a small triangular plot of land located next to Loughborough Junction, London SE5. The leftover land is a result of post war clearance and has remained vacant since the 1950’s, other than a mature lime tree growing in the middle of the plot. The new built house will encircle the tree at its heart.

TOS has commissioned architect Takeshi Hayatsu to build the new space.

House Taken Over – Book – 2019

House Taken Over is the culmination of a year-long project at BalinHouseProjects (BHP). BHP is an artist-run, not-for-profit space by Eduardo Padilha at his flat in Balin House, Tabard Gardens North Estate. Eduardo Padilha and Harold Offeh have been hosting a series of lunches in Eduardo’s flat and workshops at Tate Exchange to consider the home as a site for artistic practice, the point at which domestic and public worlds collide, and art as a social tool.

The book is edited by Jes Fernie, who was invited to be writer-in-residence at BHP, and includes an experimental text by Holly Corfield Carr; interviews with Martin Cordiano on his installation in Balin House, and Russian theatre director Ada Mukhina about living with art; and texts by Harold Offeh and Lorena Muñoz-Alonso. The book is designed by Sarah Boris.

House Taken Over by Martin Cordiano at BHP and The Other Space

Margin of Error is an exhibition of commissioned work by Martin Cordiano at BalinHouseProjects. The exhibition is part of the House Taken Over programme curated by Eduardo Padilha and Harold Offeh.

Opening on 30th Sept from 6-9 pm.

House Taken Over is funded ACE. This BHP project features a programme of Saturday Lunches, an exhibition, a walk & talk and workshops. With commissioned writer in residence, Jes Fernie and a publication designed by graphic designer Sarah Boris.
Partners: Tate Exchange/Freelands Foundation, Wysing Art Centre, Matt’s Gallery and Bankside Open Spaces Trust.

BalinHouseProjects 10 Years book

Book launch at Whitechapel Gallery bookshop on ‘First Thursday’ 05/10/2017 from 6 to 7 pm

10 Years of BalinHouseProjects is a chronological transcript of the events that took place from the very first exhibition to the most recent, My Home Is Your Home. The publication documents the initial informality of the gatherings and how BHP progressively shaped its identity.

My Home Is Your Home

A collaborative project between BalinHouseProjects1 (at 22 Balin House, Tabard Gardens Estate) and the practice public works – within a transdisciplinary context of art, architecture, history and geography. My Home Is Your Home started in 2013 in Eduardo Padilha’s home and will continue beyond its walls.
It is an exploration of the public role of the home through the intimate act of hosting, of the home as a place of cultural production and dissemination, and of the homeowner as an active citizen. Through considering the home as a public sphere with civic intent or as an informal cultural platform away from institutional constraints, and through practising this over a long period, the project has started to construct a new meaning of home and its associated rituals.[] Torange Khonsari

Sunday Lunches

Harold Offeh and myself Eduardo Padilha are the organisers of this informal event on the last Sunday of the month.

The aim is to bring artists/curators together and chat about a current event in London such as an exhibition, residency or curatorial programme over lunch.

Guests are invited to respond and feed into the discussions. The lunch is for a maximum of 8 people including Harold and myself a 3 courses meal is provided but guests are welcome to bring drinks.

Its a lot more informal than it sounds. The event is part of  BalinHouseProjects which has marked the transformation of a private flat into a semi public space near London Bridge/Borough.

My Home Is Your Home

‘My home is your home’ a collaborative project between BalinHouseProjects and public works engaged the Tabard housing estate residents and children through a series of 5 workshops and 3 related visits, creating an awareness on how to develop green spaces of the estate and the beginnings of a Tabard estate festival that can show community cohesion on the estate.

The visits to Tate modern and Unicorn theatre established cultural links for the future of the festival whilst visit to Abbey gardens community garden in Stratford showed the residents the values of community gardening in community cohesion in a neighbourhood.

Lean to, by Folke Koebberling

Berlin based artist Folke Koebberling was struck by the changes in Borough and London Bridge since her last commission ‘Jelly Fish Theatre’ few years ago for The Architecture Foundation in London. Her starting point into the project was the below quote from the Guardian.

“The London Borough of Southwark has become a prime site for the capital’s housing crisis rage. From unsold £50m apartments at the top of the Shard to the redevelopment of postwar municipal estates…….. London is be- coming a high-rise, high-cost city that puts the wealthy first.“

Dave Hill – The Guardian (2014)

Under Water Commissions Yimeng Ou – 2014

The Laundry Room by Richard Wentworth & Michael Marriott, published by The Everyday Press, 2013.

The Laundry Room is a project curated by Maiko Tsutsumi & Eduardo Padilha (BalinHouseProjects). The Laundry Room project features works by Richard Wentworth and Michael Marriott. The exhibition and an accompanying series of events were held in September/October 2012 at BalinHouseProjects. The project, inspired by Wentworth’s Making Do and Getting By, explored the recent transformation and cultural shifts in the Borough/Bermondsey area, through a series of events and dialogues. The exhibition, a display of Wentworth’s photographic work and an intervention by Marriott was created as a response to the physical and historical features of the location: the former laundry room adjacent to BalinHouseProjects, located in a 1930s housing estate. Texts by Eduardo Padilha, Maiko Tsutsumi, Michael Marriott, Richard Wentworth.

25 limited edition with two signed and numbered prints by Richard Wentworth and Michael Marriott. –

The Laundry Room at BalinHouseProjects
An exhibition by Richard Wentworth and Michael Marriott

BalinHouseProjects is an artist-run non-profit space in London SE1.
BHP started in 2006 to provide space for dialogues and a platform for artists to make connections with other artist-run spaces and organisations. Located in a council flat in Borough, it has been offering the local residents of Tabard North Gardens estates opportunities to engage culturally in their own environment without feeling intimidated by the larger cultural establishments. The results of those very eclectic social gatherings have brought forward new ideas to engage further with the local community.

BHP is now coming to a close of a cycle, with the intervention in its space at the former laundry room of the Balin House building by Richard Wentworth and Michael Marriott. It will be the first time that the artist and the designer, who have been familiar with each other’s works for 20 years, to collaborate in a project.

Visit to TATE Modern.

Forthcoming: Half-term free art workshops for children and young people

Commissioned by Balin House Projects, Beating the Bounds of Tabard Estate is a project by artist Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre explores the past, present and future of Tabard Estate, with particular reference to local history, personal memories, and architectural and urban changes in a heritage-rich area of London currently undergoing a fast process of regeneration driven by commercial development. In partnership with Tabard Gardens Estate North Tenants and Residents Association, and funded by Awards for All.

During January 2009, a series of walks exploring the area were led by residents of Tabard Gardens Estate, community leaders and local historians.

BalinHouseProjects in association with Visiting Arts awarded Marco Paulo Rolla one week in London

BHP will present two video/performance peaces of Marco Paulo ‘Atravesando Veronica’  (Through Veronica) and ‘Landscape’ which reflects the human fragility and existence.

Performance is a very important way for the artist where drawing, painting, music, dance, sculpture and installations converge.

Marco Paulo Rolla and CEIA- Brazil (

( RAIN – Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands )

Centre of Experimentation & Information; CEIA, was initiated in 2001 by Marco Paulo Rolla and Marcos Hill in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Children’s Jail at BalinHouseprojects – 24 June 2007 from 3 to 7 pm

Eduardo Navarro’s work makes real life seem strange. Since 2004 the Buenos Aires-based Argentinean artist has deftly framed real situations without seeking to judge those involved. A marathon against smoking, a retreat for UFO watchers, a Mormon bible group, a therapist’s practice, and a drawing project by female ex-convicts have all been invited into Navarro’s practice in the spirit of detached but respectful exchange. In each case while the artist’s intervention has been physical, for instance a costume, a room or a shelter, he has been open to unpredictable outcomes, having the trust and sensitivity to stand back and allow other players to complete the work. Navarro himself has said, ‘My works are questions awaiting an answer’.

At BalinHouseProjects he is showing selected drawings produced from 2003 to 2007. Over this period Navarro has produced hundreds of pencil line drawings on A4 computer paper. While some incorporate materials such as glue, pencil shavings and drinking straws, the paper coverage is restrained. A larger piece is made of dead ants glued to the page over a period of a month. The viewer might wonder how many. 2000? 3000?

Back Yard by Jacqueline Machado de Souza

One day event on Sunday 23 September from 3 to 7 pm

I frequently take images from daily life, observations of human behaviour incidental registrations as a starting point, always with the purpose of illuminating the separate semantic reality hidden beneath. (*)

The artist Jacqueline Machado de Souza uses imagery from her personal archive. Wherever she goes in her regular activities, she sizes an opportunity to record it. This practice is also extended to the outside world of intimate relations to other people and intimate events that take place in public venues and celebrations where interactions among people are at stake.

For BHP she is bringing in photographs of motel rooms in Brazil, the illicit meeting places for lovers. The series depicts the scenario where this national behaviour and obsession of ‘hide and seek’ takes place. The videos deal with open spaces where freedom and seduction create other scenarios for exchanging values. Both invite you for consuming beauty in its own terms. The common denominators for the various works are the relations in which we establish our own rules of expression and censorship. Such contractions are the scenario, which ‘gambiarra’ takes place (meaning as much as the intervention or improvisation with whatever element in the surrounding) and the artist explores.

BLUE a BHP was the inaugural event in 2006

Blue (2006) consist of 31 photographs (ecoline and indian ink on C-print), each 13×18 cm., glitters and 2 dvd videos/with sound. In these pieces, Braga juxtaposes the insubstantial, shifting and dissolving forms of clouds in the sky with solid shapes that contemplate the attempt to grasp time.

“My pursuit is a progressive work process which documents and defines time in a poetic and ethereal manner. Time in its duration, simplicity and complexity. Time in our vanishing, to be at the same time alive and always in the presence of death”

The videos (BUBBLE, 2006 and CARLOS, 2006), have a meditative quality where in one monitor a handsome young man blows bubbles into the void and in the other, bubbles fall on a surface leaving behind the marks of its silent collisions.

B.L.U.E makes visual poetry of the intangible elements of nature and celebrates life.

Célio Braga