Coalescence (Coalescències, Coalicions, Col·lisions, Col·lapses)

26.11.2022 — 20.05.2023

Opening November 26, 2022, from 2pm at ADN Platform. Performances by Sara Manubens and Harold Offeh.

Coalescence is the title of an evolving accumulative exhibition, initiated by curator Paul O’Neill in 2003, in collaboration with Jaime Gili, Eduardo Padilha and Kathrin Böhm. After many iterations, involving dozens of artists and spaces, the project arrives at ADN Platform for the gallery’s re-opening after the interruptions of the pandemic.

This time Coalescence also includes the participation of artists Núria Güell, to kosie, Sara Manubens, Suzanne Mooney, Harold Offeh, Agnès Pe and Pilvi Takala, with Xavier Acarín as co-curator.

Coalescence is the outcome of the ongoing demystification of art’s production and mediation processes, and while it denounces the position of the curator as a master- planner, it is a reflection on how curatorial praxis can become apparent within the exhibition-as-form. The gallery becomes a mutating environment for the collaboration between artists and the merging of their works into an overall assemblage. In doing so, the exhibition facilitates different modes of encounter, guided by spatial coordinates – with the background of architecture, the middle-ground of display structures, and the foreground of objects and bodies inhabiting the gallery – each layer transforming three planes of interaction into the exhibition. [ ]

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